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 Rules of the forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Sat 29 Aug - 10:58

These are rules of the forum. If you are going to use this forum, you need to read these, make sure you understand everything in the rules and use these rules.

We are going to delete every message, which contains
- Sexual and/or pornographic content
- Hateful or abusive content
- Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
- Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription
- Drugs and any other illicit substance
- Copyright infringment
- Hacking
- Spam
- Phishing and/ or malware website
- Credit card fraud
- Advertising

Admins and moderators have rights to
- Edit messages that contains anything which is against the rules
- Change pictures to links
- Move topics
- Delete topics
- Lock topics
- Give bans to users who break the rules
- Edit user informations (only if you have for example unsuitable signature)

About writing and languages:
- In this forum you use only english. You can use other languages only here and private messages.
- Try to write clearly. All we make mistakes and it's ok, but still try to avoid them. English is not everyone's native language (not even mine btw), so if you see mistakes, you can point out the mistakes friendly.
- Don't use too much smileys, BBCode, Capslock etc so your messages are easy to read.
- Don't demafe, downplay, mock etc other users.

If you break the rules, we can give you warnings and/or bans.
- 1. warning: no ban
- 2. warning: 7 days ban
- 3. warning: 14 days ban
- 4. warning: 3 weeks ban
- 5. warning: 4 weeks ban
- 6. warning: 2 months ban
In addition to these, we can give case by case shorter/longer bans. We can too delete user or freeze user forever. You can get warnings and bans, if you break our rules. We inform you about your bans and warnings by private message and email.

Some categories have own rules or guides. You need to use them and these rules above too. We have rights to edit rules whenever we want. We still accept your opinions about the rules -  tell them here.

What will I do when someone breaks the rules?
Tell me. Tell what happened, when happened and where.
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Rules of the forum
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